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Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom
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23rd-May-2015 01:59 am - Deadline for upcoming Reverse Bang
01. big bang-c
is supposed to be on Sunday, the 24th, but how does Monday, the 25th by midnight, sound to everyone? Something has come up and figure you might need an extra day to get everything in. Mind you, this does not include the people that we've talked to about extensions. You all have your dates. Good luck with getting everything in. This is art deadline and writer deadline. If something has come up, please let us know as soon as possible. A big thank you to everyone for making this another great Big Bang. It's getting closer and it's exciting. :)

Hugs, Patt
Do to family problems, one of our writers had to drop out and that leaves us with number 8, which is Luna61's lovely Mystic Journey. We hope someone can find the time and energy to write this. It doesn't have to be a novel. 2000 words is the minimum and we'd be happy with that at this late date. Please let us know as soon as possible, if you think you can do it. Thank you to everyone for doing such good work this year. Hope to hear from someone soon. I have not okayed this with Morgan yet, but I'm sure you can have a little extra time if need be to finish by the time we post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. We'll get them answered as soon as we can.

Hugs, Patt

Here is the link to the artwork and you can see number 8.
TS Blair Salt
This is the second writers' checkpoint for the Reverse Bang.

If you have already sent in your written project, the checkpoint is optional. If you're still working on it, please check in by Wednesday 6 May. The point of the checkpoints is twofold - for the community, to tease with some details about the Sentinel-fest to come, and for the mods, to let us keep track of what's happening so we can keep the Reverse Bang running smoothly.

We are trusting you to tell the truth about your progress. If you’re struggling, or don’t think you’ll finish, please be honest. There are loads of people here who might be able to help you out, and it will enable us keep the challenge on track for everyone.

Writers, please check in by replying with the following information.

Your name or username: (The one you used to sign up!)
Project number and artist:
Tell us a little about your progress: (word count, a hint or two about what you’re writing)
Do you need any help? (Cheerleader, beta-reader, sounding board…or just need to moan a little?)

You can check in here, on our mailing list, or on the Big Bang website.

Deadline reminder for artists and writers

The deadline for art and written projects is 24 May.

Artists, if you sent in your final copy before claims you don't have to resubmit. But if you want to tweak your artwork, for example to add the story title to it, you can send new versions of the images you have already submitted.

If you sent rough copy for art claims, you must send in the final copy by 24 May, or talk to us about an extension by 23 May.

The submission guides for art and written projects are on the big bang website.

Rough drafts and extensions

There is some flexibility on the deadline, but only if you talk to us about it by 23 May.

There are two rules for extensions. First, you need to let us know how much more time you need. You're the one doing the art or writing, and you know what's slowing you down. If you can be realistic about how much extra time you will need, we will do our very best to give it to you.

Second, we will only give an extension if you can send us a rough draft. This is not because we don't trust you. It's so that in the worst-case scenario, we have something we can post to ensure every artist has a story and every story has art, even if it's not as polished as you would want.

Artists, we already have a rough draft from art claims, so that's fine. Writers will need to send us something when asking for an extension.

And that's it!
15th-Apr-2015 05:31 pm - Beta requests and offers
TS Blair Salt
There were several beta requests in the first checkpoint which reminds me I haven't done our usual beta post yet. So here it is!

Remember that you are required to have your project beta read before submission. If you have a friend who usually betas for you there's no reason to change that, but not everyone does. So here's where you can find a beta if you need one for your revese bang.

To request a beta, or to offer your beta services, please leave a comment on this post.

If you're asking for a beta, remember to say something about what you need - is it just a proof-reader or are you hoping for help with character, plot etc? Also please mention if your story includes things some betas might want to avoid (such as rape scenes, character death and suchlike).

If you're offering your services as a beta, say something about your strengths and weaknesses, and any particular squicks or issues you'd want to avoid reading, so you don't end up beta-ing your fic-from-hell!

The mods will keep an eye on the post and help out where we can, but it's up to you to choose your beta and get in contact.
15th-Apr-2015 05:22 pm - Checkpoint update
TS Blair Salt
Just to let you all know where things stand - we have check-ins from all but two of our writers. One of the two is Kerensa who I really didn't expect to hear from given her recent health issues, and Patt and I already have a pinch-hit sorted for that one.

The other person I have emailed privately. If I don't hear back in a couple of days, I'll be asking for a pinch-hitter for that project. I will post the details this weekend if it becomes necessary.

The next checkpoint is May 2, and again is mandatory if you haven't sent in your final copy before then.

The final deadline is May 24.
14th-Apr-2015 09:42 pm - Checkpoint reminder
TS Blair Salt
Just a reminder that today is the deadline to check in. I am not getting my emails so apologies if you have checked in and I've missed it, but I'm still missing check ins from three people.

If you have not already sent in your final copy, you must check in:

Deadline is midnight (your time) today!
11th-Apr-2015 07:46 am - Writers' Checkpoint #1
TS Blair Salt
This is the first writers' checkpoint for our reverse bang.

We're trying a new approach this year, using the checkpoints instead of demanding rough drafts. This means the checkpoint is mandatory unless you have already sent in your final copy. (Those over-acheivers who have submitted already can still check in - it's optional for you.) We are trusting you to tell the truth about your progress, here. If you're struggling, or don't think you'll finish, please be honest. There are loads of people here who might be able to help you out, and it will enable us keep the challenge on track for everyone.

So here's how to check in:

Please reply here (or on our mailing list, or website - your choice) with the following information.

Your name or username:
Project number and artist:
Tell us a little about your progress:
(word count, a hint or two about what you're writing)
Do you need any help? (Cheerleader, beta-reader, sounding board...or just need to moan a little?)

You MUST check in before midnight on Tuesday (14 April).
31st-Mar-2015 05:45 pm - More news about Kerensa.
I found out what type of stroke she had. It's called a brain stem stroke and the doctor told her that very few people survive it. With therapy every day she walked for 15 minutes in a walker today, this was a biggy. The staff and PT workers are all so impressed. She regained use of her arm, to a point. She can put it over her head and back behind her now. Because of the stroke, she has lost her hearing in one ear and of course it's the ear on her good side, so she has to use the not as good arm to hold the phone. It's been a month since the stroke happened and they said she's doing much better than anyone ever expected her to do. She gets terrible cramps in her legs at night and has to take Ativan for that. Her eyesight has been affected and it's slowly getting better. We talked for about an hour today. She laid the phone by her and we just had a wonderful chat. She has no family in town to speak of and friends haven't offered to drive Caitlin at all. Caitlin has Epilepsy, so she can't drive. So the neighbors take her to the hospital every day and pick her up in the afternoon. She told her mom she's so lonely without kerensa there. I promised Kerensa that I would call Caitlin and talk at least once a week. That seemed to make her happy. She's worried about Caitlin being so alone. She loved all of the cards she got. She was in heaven and has them all over her room at the nursing home. If you would like to send her another card, she wouldn't object since she's going to be there for at least another four weeks. I've got to get busy and make her another card. :) That last one I made had Jim and Blair in the hospital with funny captions and she loved it. I'm so glad I called today because she was depressed. By the time we got done talking, she felt a lot better. I can't even imagine what she's going through. And I was wrong, she is 49. :) She liked it that I said she was younger. :) Anyway, this is the lastest update on Kerensa. Hopefully in the next few weeks, we'll have more to update on.

Update April 23rd, 2015 I wanted to let you know Kerensa is doing really well. She's walking a lot with the help of a walker, getting stronger and stronger every day. Her eyesight is getting better and her speech is almost normal. They are still talking about mid May or a little later before she may get released. They have to take their time. After all, the poor thing almost didn't survive this, so they want her to be strong and healthy. She has some trouble walking already, so maybe this will help that, too. She thanks everyone for the cards. They really make her feel so great. And Merlin and Akablonded sent her a package, so she was thrilled. My package to her got mailed today. I'm a little slow. If anyone wants to send her anything, she loves pink and unicorns. :) I didn't send either of those things. LOL I will be talking with her next week and we'll see how she's doing. Thank you all for being so thoughtful.

Update May 20th, 2015 I talked to Kerensa on MOnday and she's doing so well that she might get to go home on Friday if everything goes well. She's walking with a cane now, she's just doing so darn well. She continues to grow stronger by the day and hopefully she will soon be home and online again. That's going to take some time. Her left eye is still not perfect. She has trouble with it, but it's much better than it was at the beginning. She misses everyone and thanks you all for all of the cards and letters. Y'all have been really good for building her morale up. Thank you. With any luck, I'll have better news next week. Her daughter, Caitlin is doing beautifully and looking forward to seeing her mom at the house again. Prayers for them that everything goes as planned, please?
20th-Mar-2015 09:48 pm - News about one of our writers.
Kerensa suffered a rare type of stroke, last week and has been in the hospital. She just got transfered to the nursing home and if things keep going as well as they have been, she'll be getting out at the end of the month. She's a fighter, that's for sure. The doctor told Kerensa's 18 year old daughter, Caitlin that it's a miracle that Kerensa is still alive. That scared the crap out of me. I'm sure it did Caitlin and Kerensa too. Please keep her in your thoughts and your prayers. If you would like to send her a get well card, please contact me and I'll give you her address. She loves mail and I know it would do Caitlin a world of good to know that they aren't alone. PattRose1 at aol dot com.

Hugs, Patt

Update: Heard more from Caitlin and Kerensa is able to talk but can't hold the phone long. Her arm needs much more PT and that's what they are working on now. This is pretty good news, I thought.

03-23-15 update: I just talked to Kerensa on the telephone. Her speech is affected, but not too badly. She said they are working her hard in Physical Therapy because she can't walk yet. She just got the use back in her arm, so it's happened slowly, but surely. The doctor told her it's going to be a long recovery period and to just keep doing what she has been doing. He's very impressed with how far she's come along. I told her you all sent your best and she was happy about that. She misses us. Misses the late night chats we had online and also missing writing. I truly believe that she'll get back into the swing of things as time goes on. It's just going to be a while. She was very upbeat, other then the fact that she hates the nursing home. But can you blame her on that? Continue keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. She'll need them for strength. Hugs, Patt

03-27-15 update: Just got a note from Caitlin and Kerensa isn't going to get out as quickly as they had hoped, but she's doing really, really well. She was able to stretch her arm all the way behind her. All the therapists are amazed by her work ethic (she's always been a workaholic). Too soon to tell when she'll come home, but hopefully, by the middle of next month. She's getting cards and loving them. Thank you everyone.
TS Blair Salt
Stories are beginning to trickle in (I sure wish I could write as fast as some of you!) and with them, questions. So, a couple of clarifications.

Final copy of your assigned stories - please do share your finished story or project with the artist, or at least let her know it's done. Artists who submitted rough drafts for claims have the option of making changes to their work to fit better with yours and even if we already have their final draft, they might want to make small changes.

If you plan to write "bonus" stories after your assignment is finished...

You do not have to share a bonus story with the artist. I think it would be cool to keep it a surprise, myself, but it's up to you. I know we are a tight knit fandom and if you're friends with the artist and want to share, feel free.

You may write more than one bonus story if you're one of those people who can write that fast (and want to). No one has to write one.

It may seem obvious, but please make sure you tell us which art your bonus fic is about when you submit it. For your assigned story we already know (unless you have two) but for bonuses we aren't going to know unless you tell us.

We will not be giving extensions for bonus stories. If you can't finish your bonus fic by the deadline it won't be included in the Reverse Bang. There's nothing stopping you from posting it later, though.

The writers submission guide has been updated with how to submit your bonus stories.
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