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The Sentinel Big Bang
Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom
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26th-Dec-2016 03:41 pm - Another year, another big bang...
TS Blair Salt
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

I know many of us feel 2016 has been a pretty horrible year and when I wish you all a happy new year, I truly do hope 2017 will be a good one.

Not everything in 2016 was horrible. We had a great big bang, didn't we?

This is a final reminder about our Nostalgia Big Bang commemorative book, because there's only a week left if you want a copy. The book contains selections from all eight of the Nostalgia Big Bang projects. It's print-on-demand, which means that the cost is based on how many pages are in the book, and it's priced differently depending on where you are and what currency you're using. It's over 600 pages (!) which means it's a tad pricey, but I've kept the cost as low as I possibly could without making the print so small only a Sentinel could read it!

The book will only be available until the end of this year, so if you don't yet have a copy and want one this is your last chance. Of course, all the stories will stay available on the Big Bang site as free ebooks - it's only the printed copy that's going away.

And in case you're wondering, there is going to be a Big Bang next year. I'll post more details about that in January, but it's definitely happening.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday, and happy new year to you all :-)
TS Blair Salt
Dead Man's Chest

Dead Man's Chest by unbelievable2, illustrated by Alobear

Genre: Gen, casefic, adventure

Rating: All ages

Warnings: None

Summary: The guys find what looks like a treasure map in an old book, and Blair drags Jim off to look for the hoard. But if this is the last testament of Fabian McKee, an 18th century privateer, then why are the Russian Mafia, the Italian Mafia, the Yakuza, the Triads and a bunch of Far right Extremists all so interested? And what are the odds of our heroes getting out alive?

TS Blair Salt
Sipping With Sandy

Sipping With Sandy by PattRose, illustrated by Kernel

Genre: Slash

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Mild language, slash implied. drinking alcohol

Summary: Unable to teach and unwilling to be a cop, Blair decides to try his hand at owning his own bar.

TS Blair Salt
Becoming Someone Else

Becoming Someone Else by PattRose, illustrated by Luna_61

Genre: Slash, AU

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Violence, Domestic Abuse, Language

Summary: Jim and Blair both find out that friendship doesn't withstand everything.

TS Blair Salt
Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold by Kerensa and Caitlin, illustrated by PattRose

Genre: Slash, Crossover

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None.

Summary: Jim and Blair take a little trip to meet an online friend. They end up in the make-believe world of Once Upon A Time and chaos ensues.

TS Blair Salt
The Errors of My Ways

The Errors of My Ways by Katef, illustrated by Bonanza and PattRose

Genre: Slash, Post-Series, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: Adult

Warnings: Death of a canon character

Summary: After the badge offer, Blair feels the need to take some time out to get himself together. Unfortunately, Jim takes his request the wrong way and reacts badly. Heartbroken, Blair leaves anyway, and while doing voluntary work in Colombia, is abducted and presumed dead. A devastated Jim reluctantly moves on with his life, and then the miracle happens, and Blair returns from the dead....

TS Blair Salt
In Search of a Bond

In Search of a Bond by Fran, illustrated by AnnieB

Genre: Slash, Humor

Rating: Adult

Warnings: None.

Summary: When Jim Ellison comes online as a sentinel, he is told he needs to find a "compatible" guide. At the same time, Guide Blair Sandburg is looking for a compatible sentinel. This is a sometimes humorous look at what a sentinel and guide go through while looking for a partner.

TS Blair Salt
The Saga of Ellison's Hope

The Saga of Ellison's Hope by Bluewolf, illustrated by banbury

Genre: Gen, AU

Rating: Teen

Warnings: References to cannibalism

Summary: With an asteroid heading directly for Earth, spaceships are built to allow some of Earth's billions to escape, heading for another world. The story follows one of these ships - Ellison's Hope.

TS Blair Salt
I Who Am Dead A Thousand Years

I Who Am Dead A Thousand Years by Bluewolf, illustrated by alynt

Genre: Gen

Rating: All ages

Warnings: None

Summary: This is a reincarnation story; the first part follows the lives of the spirits who will be Jim and Blair, the second part follows Jim and Blair as they work on a case.

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