Mab of the Antipodes (mab_browne) wrote in sentinelbigbang,
Mab of the Antipodes

What Happens in Small Towns, What Happens in Big Cities

Title What Happens in Small Towns, What Happens in Big Cities
Author Mab mab_browne
Artist Helvetica helvetica4ever
Genre Slash, with some het background
Word Count 18,500
Warnings This story references the death of a child by cot death/crib death.
Summary In this 'canon' AU, Grace took Jim with her when she left, and he spent his teen years in a small town where he met Blair. Jim is only a couple of years older than Blair in these stories.
Author's Notes This Big Bang contribution is set up as two separate short stories, and is a sequel to What You Ought, What You Need, which was written earlier this year. The link goes to the series set up at Archive of Our Own, for anyone who wants to refresh their memory of the earlier story. It can also be read at my website and my Dreamwidth account.

Link to Story
Link to the art on Helvetica's LJ
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