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Cascading Spirits

Title Cascading Spirits
Author mlebayre
Artist banbury
Genre Gen; Crossover with Supernatural
Warnings Flagrant abuse of Ghostbusters and Star Trek references.
Summary Two sets of brothers from opposite worlds, both hunted and hunter. A few murders and a past that simply refuses to die.
Author's Notes Many thanks to swellison for not only helping and beta'ing but for bidding on me, this fic is a result of her winning an auction (word to the wise don't ever bid against her!)
I'd also like to thank sendintheklowns for her beta, my awesome cheerleader 1orelei and of course my wonderful artist banbury .

I found out a few things while writing this, crossovers are hard, especially when the two canons are almost opposite to one another, one operates very much
within the law, the other...well not so much! A big thanks to briarwood for organizing this adventure, great job!

This is my first The Sentinel story, my only hope is I've done justice to such a wonderful show I enjoyed very much. No animal spirit guides were harmed in the
making of this fic, too bad I can't say the same for the guys involved!

This story takes place post series for The Sentinel and season one for Supernatural.

Link to Story Cascading Spirits
Link to Artwork Amazingly spectacular art!
Or on Dreamwidth

The Vid!

Part One +|+ Part Two +|+ Part Three +|+ Part Four +|+ Part Five
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