Laurie (laurie_ky) wrote in sentinelbigbang,

A Glimmering From Afar series: The Path of Sorrow | Mercy's Door | Thorns and Briers


Title of Series A Glimmering From Afar
Title of Book One Path of Sorrow
Titles of Time Stamps Mercy's Door | Thorns and Briers
Author Laurie laurie_ky
Artist luna_61
Genre Slash. AU, Angst, Space Opera, Future Fic, Bonding
Word Count Path of Sorrow: 55,303 | Mercy's Door :3,248 | Thorns and Briers: 6,470. Total word count: 65,021
Warnings - Non con in Thorns and Briers;

Summary In a rigid class society, bastard Blair Sandburg has worked hard for his education and is currently doing research for his doctorate on the tropical planet of Quyllur. Jim Ellison thumbed his nose at what his father expected of him and became an Orion's Hunter, and then a Protecter. Their paths are about to cross when a new drug hits the streets of Cascade, New Rainier.

Author's notes Much, Much, Much thanks go to pattrose and t_verano, for cheerleading. Their enthusiasm really helped me to keep on truckin'. I'm also indebted to bluewolf458 for beta'ing the main story and a time stamp, and to mab_browne for beta'ing a time stamp. I also appreciate the insightful questions t_verano asked about how this society treated its people, which helped with the world building -- a lot. luna_61 did additional beta work and did the gorgeous artwork; she's also been pretty patient with coaching me through posting artwork and waiting for this post, since it's taken me way longer to complete than I thought it would. Thanks also to briarwood for coming up with the big bang and being the mod.

Special thanks go to patk for bidding on this story in the 2007 Moonridge Auction.

ETA Nor Prison Fear, 37,000 words, and the fourth story in the series, plus a new fan-mix and pic spam were written for spacebigbang 2011. They are now added to the Master Post. Banners by pattrose

Links Luna61's beautiful banner and icons | (LJ Version) The Path of Sorrow Book One of A Glimmering From Afar. Part One - A | Part One - B | Part Two - A | Part Two - B | Part Three | Part Four - A | Part Four - B | Part Five | Time Stamp: Mercy's Door | Time Stamp: Thorns and Briers | Nor Prison Fear, Book Two of A Glimmering From Afar. | Part one | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four. | Fan-mixes for The Path of Sorrow, Mercy's Door, and Thorns and Briers | Nor Prison Fear fan-mix and pic spam | (DW version)Path of Sorrow - one file divided into chapters | Link to series at AO3 | Link to series at ASR3.

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