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Chasing The Storm

Title :  Chasing The Storm
Author: Alex McLeod  sgjacksgirl 
Artist: Alyjude alyburns 
Genre: Available in both Slash & Gen
Word Count:  Slash: 15,225- Gen: 12,584
Warnings:  Slash (J/B, B/OMC) Language, Gen: Mild Language Both contain angst, h/c, and original characters.

Summary:  An old friend of Blair’s has been asking him for years to visit. Since his academic career is down the drain, Blair takes the time before entering the academy, to visit his friend during tornado season in Oklahoma, but will he survive the storm?  Set after TSbyBS.

Author's Notes:  I'm a newbie and really really have to thank Nat (nat_1228 ) for holding my hand through the writing process and hours upon hours of tornado dvds. I used to think I was really good in English...NOT! Thanks Nat...without you, this story would have never been finished. *kiss*

I also want to thank Aly (alyburns ) for the beautiful artwork, Lyn ( alynt  ) for giving both of my stories a home on her site, Annie (annieb1955 ) for beta'ing and pointing out several issues, Morgan    (briarwood ) for putting this Big Bang together, and last, but never least, the Clucky Duckies and the Queen Duck, for the idea, the cheerleading, the research material, and general poking with a pointy stick, to get me moving. *kiss kiss* girls.   

Link to Story:  Slash   or    Gen
Link to Artwork:  Art by Alyburns


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