October 31st, 2011

happy feet

Lies by Patt Artwork by Flitter

Title - Lies
Author – Patt pattrose
Artist - FlitterFLutterandFly
Genre - Slash. angst
Word Count – 12,406.
Warnings – Bad language, m/m, angst.
Summary - Jim thinks that he and Blair are in love. Blair doesn’t agree. Or at least he doesn’t think he does.
Authors Notes: I had this idea about a year ago and started writing it, but I just never finished it. It took the Big Bang to find the end, finally. Thank you to Lydia for not only being a cheerleader, but also a beta. She really knew how to shake those pom poms. A huge thank you to my other three betas, Kelly, Kerensa and Sheila. You are all the best and mean the world to me. Thank you so much to my artist, FlitterFlutterandFly. I love the art so much. You will find all of the art inside of the story at the beginning and the end.

And finally, thank you to Morgan for hosting this rodeo again. It's been a blast.

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