November 2nd, 2011

holding on, fanfic

Holding On (sequel to Letting Go)

Title: Holding On
Author: Natalie L nat_1228
Artists: Mella mella68 and PattRose pattrose
Genre: Slash, AU
Word Count: 24,150

This story is a sequel to:
Letting Go (slash):
Letting Go: (slash, dark fic):

Warnings: This story contains some graphic references (in flashbacks) to rape and torture, and deals in the present with PTSD and prejudice.

Summary: Blair returns to South America to bring Jim back to Cascade. At home in Cascade, both men have demons to wrestle: Blair with PTSD flashbacks and an unexpected medical condition, and Jim with extreme prejudice on the part of his fellow police department peers.

Author's Notes: This story has waited seven years to be written. I'm pleased to finally be able to present it to the fandom. I hope you enjoy it.

I want to add a special thank you to my editor, A.S. Nightbird asnightbird, without whom this story might never have been posted. She put up with a lot of my drama over the course of the edits. Her help has been invaluable, especially with the medical procedures. If you think this story is any good at all, it's because of her. THANK YOU, my good friend!

I also want to give my sincere thanks to Mella mella68, whose cover art graces my story, and to PattRose pattrose (who jumped in when it looked like Mella's computer problems might prevent her from doing art) for the interior and ending pics. Both artists deserve a round of applause.

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