November 9th, 2011

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Apple Pie and Chevrolet

Title: Apple Pie and Chevrolet
Author: Swellison
Artist: annieb1955
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 15,570
Warnings: Crossover with Supernatural, minor non-explicit het Dean/OFC
Summary: Jim Ellison and Dean Winchester meet at Cashmere's Apple Harvest Festival when they're both asked to judge the apple pie contest. Story takes place October 2003, post-TSBS and 2 years pre-Supernatural's first season.
Author's Notes:
This story is a claim story for the Moonridge Auction 2010. skeptic7 offered to donate to anyone who would write a gen story 'James Ellison and the all American apple pie competition' for her. I emailed and asked her if she would accept a crossover, and she agreed. So thank you, skeptic7 for patiently waiting for this story to come to fruition and for sharing it with the Sentinel Big Bang. I want to thank my cheerleaders, lilacs_roses and Gretchen for cheerleading and beta'ing and a lot of patient loitering;-) Also thanks to Jan for her last-minute beta and input. Huge thanks to annieb1995, who made 3 gorgeous art pieces for the story, which I have doled out one per story part. Thanks also to the Sentinel Big Bang mods. I was a cheerleader last year, this year I went for broke and signed up as an author, hope you like the fruits of my endeavors.
Links to Story: part 1 part 2 part 3
Link to Artwork:

New Beginnings by AnnieB, Artwork by Lapetitekiki

Title - New Beginnings

Author – annieb


Artist - lapetite_kiki

Genre - Slash. romance.

Word Count – 16,521.

Warnings – Kidfic

Summary - Jim Ellison is a cop who’s retired from the PD due to the problems he’s having with his senses. He and his son, Joe, aged 5, move to a small town named Chinook where they set up house in a rundown house and meet Blair Sandburg, the local pharmacist. Very loosely based on the movie “Murphy’s Romance”.

Notes: Many thanks to alynt for the great beta and suggestions, pattrose for the cheerleading and keeping me on target, and to lapetite_kiki for the gorgeous art. And to devra_01 for being constantly encouraging and supportive, no matter what fandom I’m writing in.