November 16th, 2011


Big Bang Entry

Title:  Healing – A Sentinel, Guide Story

Author:  Franscats
Artist:   Kathy S

Genre: Slash, AU
Word Count: 46,300

Warnings:   This is rated NC-17 for references to rape and torture (neither described graphically) and graphic male/male consensual sex.

Summary:   When the government discovered who and what sentinels were, it created an institute to protect and care for these special people.  The Sentinel Institute, citing historical references to sentinels having guardians, claimed it should be given legal guardianship of the sentinels.  Laws were passed revoking sentinels’ rights and making them wards of the state.  Unfortunately, “protect and care” was not part of the Institute’s agenda and sentinels were enslaved and abused for five years until the Institute’s abuses were exposed by legal teams working on behalf of sentinels to restore their rights.  Laws which had enslaved the sentinels were repealed and Dr. Blair Sandburg, an expert on sentinels who was instrumental in getting the laws overturned, was made director of a new agency that was designed to help sentinels with their reintegration into society.  Of course, many of the sentinels were distrustful of the new agency and of so called guides.  Part of Blair’s job was to get past the distrust and help the sentinels find guides who would support them.  Jim Ellison, one of the surviving sentinels, wanted neither a guide nor help from the new agency ultimately, leading to a confrontation with Guide Blair Sandburg.

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