November 22nd, 2011


The Essential Sentinel

Title: The Essential Sentinel
Authors: Magician magician113 and PsychGirl  snycock
Artist: Lyn Townsend  alynt
Genre: Gen but mentions slash, and there are links to slash stories
Word Count: 58,000 in 25 essays.  Essays range from 1300 to 4000 words.
Warnings: major spoilers for multiple episodes.

Summary: This is a series of essays covering 25 episodes that we feel are "essential" viewing. The essays describe the episodes, and provide analysis on why we think these are the crucial ones to watch.  We have also supplied links to episode-related stories for your further reading pleasure.    

Authors' Notes: Each episode will have its own post and artwork, so you are free to read and enjoy any or all of them, in whatever order you like, and at your own pace.  Additionally, we invite you to offer your own viewpoints by leaving comments on any of the essays.  Feel free to agree/disagree or point out something we've missed. 

Profuse thanks go to Lyn for a quantity and quality of artwork that went way beyond expectations, and to Patt for her cheerfulness and enthusiasm all along the way.  

And our gratitude to Morgan briarwood and Patt pattrose for being superb mods.  Thanks for all the hard work ladies; great results!

Links to the meta: The Essential Sentinel project on Dreamwidth   The Essential Sentinel project on Live Journal

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