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Story 6 - The Long Flight Home by Debbie Stone - Artwork by Patt

Title - The Long Flight Home
Author – Debbie Stone stoneygirl77
Artist - Patt
Genre - Slash. Angst.
Word Count – 14,627.
Warnings – Bad language, m/m, NC-17, angst.
Summary - This takes place months after the dissertation disaster and Blair did not go to the academy. Blair realizes he is not cop material. Jim has been very distant and cold toward Blair. He encourages Blair to take a trip to NYC to see Naomi and Blair takes that as a signal that Jim wants him out.

Blair takes the trip to see his mother and returns early to talk with Jim about their friendship. Lets just say it involves a highway, a plane crash a hero and hot sex.

Thank you to Kelly (Bardicfaerie) for being a wonderful and very informative beta on such short notice. You offered many perfect suggestions that I took advantage of and I appreciate all of your hard work. My cheerleader was unofficial in title but Patt was there for me every step of the way. Even with how to prepare this very post. Patt, was also my artist for this story and did a super job with her artwork to tell my story. She found all the perfect screen caps. Thank you so much, Patt. You will find all of the art inside of the story as it unfolds. This was my first big bang. I was scared to death but I did it and I totally enjoyed the experience. Ok, please go forth, read and enjoy!!

To the Art
To the story
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