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William's Boys by Patt

Title – William’s Boys

Author – Patt pattrose

Artist – Zelempa

Genre – Slash, established couple and angst.

Word Count – 10,658.

Warnings - NC-17, some sex, some bad language, AU

Summary - How does Jim feel when he hears the news about his father having a heart attack? Will he and Steven grow closer or will it force them further apart?

Author's notes - This story is for Bee, aka Bianne Bobbitt. She gave me tons of story ideas, but this one she really wanted. I didn’t get it written in time before we lost her, so it’s for her now. I know she’s in heaven smiling down having some new Sentinel fic to read that she inspired. We miss you, Bee.

Author’s Notes 2: Thank you to all of my betas. Alex, Kelly, Kerensa, Debbie S and Susan. And another thank you goes out to Zelempa for the artwork. I was so excited when I found out she got my story. She’s a very talented artist as you will see.

Author's Notes 3: Thank you, Morgan for hosting this Big Bang again. I've had more fun, than a person has a right to.

Artist Page: Zelempa's Artwork

AO3 Link: AO3

LJ link: William’s Boys

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