Mab of the Antipodes (mab_browne) wrote in sentinelbigbang,
Mab of the Antipodes

A Thin Strand of Winter by Mab - Art by Helvetica

Title: A Thin Strand of Winter

Author: Mab mab_browne

Artist: Helvetica helvetica4ever

Genre: Slash, with a (temporary I promise) het pairing also.

Word Count: 22,600

Warnings: Mature/older teen rated for sexual situations and profanity

Summary - In the aftermath of 'The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg', Blair turns down the offer of a badge. Jim makes a hard decision of his own.

Author's notes - Thank you to Helvetica for the lovely art, which I hope will have its own post in her LJ shortly, and which I will link to. Thank you also to the organisers of the BB, and to my trusty band of betas.

ETA: Helvetica's art post

Story and art can be seen together

At Dreamwidth

At AO3
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