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Big Bang Entry

Title - Lost and Found
Author - xanateria
Artist - stargatesg1971

Genre - Slash
Word Count - 21,418

Warnings - None. This one's rated PG, for a smooch. Really, I didn't know I could write something this tame and have this much fun.
Summary - They say life is what happens when you make other plans. After leaving a stressful job in Cascade, former detective Jim Ellison never intended to work in canine search and rescue. But he finds that he likes the solitude his new life offers. When graduate student Blair Sandburg goes missing, Jim learns that sometimes we find exactly what we need when we run away from what we can't handle, and just because you rescue someone doesn't mean they won't rescue you right back. A story that teaches us that when it comes to destiny, no matter how complicated it seems, man's best friend really does know best.

Author's notes - This is only the second Big Bang I have done and I LOVED it. My sincere thanks to the mods who worked so hard to make everything work. I know all the organizing can't have been easy.  Thanks to Beth for amazing artwork that I just cannot say enough good things about. If her art hadn't inspired me so much, I am not sure I could have finished this story, given how crazy life is for me right now. Last, but by no means least, a huge thanks to annieb1955 for her extremely thorough beta job. I had to make some additions after she fixed my blunders, so any remaining mistakes are completely my fault.

Links to the Story: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
To the Art

To the Video
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