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Big Bang Entry

Title: Protect and Serve
Author: rabid_x
Artist: scherwood
Fanmix: otherpervert
Rating: R (language, drug use, violence, deaths -not the main characters)
Crossover: Sentinel/Supernaural
Disclaimer: All characters and iconic situations owned by copywrite holders. No profit is being made here.
Setting: Post Sentinel Too, Supernatural Season 5
Type: Pre-slash (Jim/Blair), AU, Crossover
Word Count: 12,260 for whole fic
Spoilers: Season 5 Supernatural. Yeah, that.
Summary: Dean and Sam Winchester are trying to figure out why Lucifer's minions are killing folks with heightened senses. Meanwhile, in Cascade, Jim Ellison's nightmare are turning his senses off. Will the Winchesters and the angel Castiel be able to reach The Sentinel and his guide before it's too late?
Author's Notes: Huge thanks to both the artist, scherwood and the fanmixer and beta, otherpervert. You guys did amazing things and inspired me every step of the way and I could not have done it without you. Thanks whole heaps and bunches!

Link to Artwork and Fanmix (via Mediafire): Protect and Serve Art Post

Part One
Part Two
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