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Announcement: Life Goes On by Kathy S

Title: Life Goes On
Author: KathyS
Artist: Aerianya
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 23,837
Warnings: A few bad words.
Summary: Blair returns to Cascade after being gone for five years. Simon who sees him first makes him feel very unwelcome and tells him to leave. Blair the Shaman is different from the Blair who left Cascade, as Simon finds out. Jim is caught between his two friends.

Author's Notes: With all the wonderful writers and artists taking part in Big Bang I almost didn't sign up. Thanks to my great cheerleader and beta Sheila this is a better story. Thanks Aerianya for the great art work. She put the whole story into one great piece of work on the cover. She didn't just make one she made three and the decision to choose one wasn't easy.

A big thanks to Patt with out whom this wouldn't have been posted. She came to my rescue when I panicked.

Art Link: Aerianya doesn't have a page set up, so you will find the art at the beginning and the end of the story. She also did the icon.

Link to story: Life Goes On Part 1
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