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Writers' Checkpoint #5

Hi, everyone! It's checkpoint time!

About the checkpoints

All of our checkpoints are completely optional. If you've signed up to write a big bang project and you just want to get on with writing it, that's perfectly fine. You're under no obligation to check in at all until the submissions deadline. If you aren't ready to check in your own project, consider joining in to support our other writers.

So why should you bother to check in? Well, the checkpoints are here for several reasons:

  • To help writers pace themselves in writing: each checkpoint will tell you how far along you should be if you're aiming to write steadily on the schedule.
  • To let the writers drop some hints about their projects - this helps everyone watching get excited about the fanworks to come, but it also gives our artists a chance to consider which stories they're interested in claiming.
  • To let people compare their progress with others, ask for help, for other people to offer help etc.
  • And to remind everyone that the challenge is still happening :)

Target for Checkpoint #5

If you're pacing your writing to fit the timetable of the challenge, you should now be about finished with your first draft, and have around 10,000 words written. It's fine if you're not there yet! That's just the target to aim for.

There's no obligation to write to this schedule; the target word counts for each checkpoint are only for those who find it helpful. Some of us like to write at a steady pace; others work better in irregular bursts of inspiration. If the slow-and-steady approach doesn't fit the way you work, feel free to ignore the targets.

If you are on schedule, what next?

There are still 5 weeks until the submission deadline. That deadline is for your finished project. Please remember that all projects must be beta-read. If you don't have a beta, there's a post here where you can request one. The beta request post also explains a bit more about the beta rule.

How to "check in"

Please comment using the template below to let us know how you're doing.

Your project:
Tell us a little about your progress:
Anything else you want to say
(e.g. Do you need any help? Lacking inspiration or need a sounding board? Want to rant a little?):

Feel free to share some details about your project, maybe a summary or some hints, but please don't post actual extracts. That's for the next checkpoint, when your project will be ready for submission.

To repeat: the checkpoints are completely optional.

A note about replying to writers: I want to encourage you to reply to check-ins. Let our writers know you're excited about their work! And if someone's asking for help, please feel free to offer it. But please bear in mind the purpose of these posts is to be supportive. This isn't the place for criticism.

Final Note

If you have any problems, questions or ideas about anything, please feel free to write to us at mods at sentinelbigbang dot com or comment on the Page-a-Mod post. We're always here for you.

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