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Morgan Briarwood

Writer sign ups

Comment below to sign up as an WRITER for the Reverse Bang.

You are signing up to create a Sentinel-related written project (fiction, meta or a combination of the two) to accompany an art project assigned to you.

Claims will begin on March 2. You must sign up if you want to claim an art project.

Your project must be at least 2,000 words, but you are asked to aim for around 5,000 words. You can, of course, write more than this if you wish.

There will be two writers' checkpoints on April 11 and May 2. You are required to check in unless you have already submitted your finished project.

Signing up is a statement of intent; if you sign up but find none of the submitted artworks inspire you, you can drop out with no penalty. Claiming an art project is considered a commitment to have a final draft ready by the deadline.

Final projects are due on May 24.

To sign up, please comment with the following information:

Name (or LJ name):
Email address:
Are you interested in writing more than one project?:
Have you read the reverse bang rules?

Signups for writers close on March 2.

Signups are now closed

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