JaneDavitt (janedavitt) wrote in sentinelbigbang,


Title Testament
Author janedavitt
Artist 1orelei
Genre Slash (Jim/Blair, Jim/Brackett), AU.
Word Count 30,570
Rating NC17
Spoilers/Warnings Dark themes, violence, elements of non-con in Jim's relationship with Brackett.
Summary A sequel to Legacy, which told the story of Jim and Blair meeting in prison. Testament picks up their story when Blair is released, leaving Jim with almost two years left to serve of his sentence and Brackett keen to move in for the kill.

Link to story:
My webpage Testament
AO3 Testament
LJ Part One, Part Two, Part Three
Link to artwork Artwork

Many thanks to briarwood for running the Big Bang so efficiently, all who bid on this story for Moonridge 2010 and to wesleysgirl for doing a wonderful job beta reading.

The artwork for the story is just perfect; many thanks, 1orelei!
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