debbiet (debbiet) wrote in sentinelbigbang,

It Really Is About Friendship

Title: It Really Is About Friendship
Author: debbiet
Artist: mella68
Genre: Gen, AU
Word Count: 40,360
Warnings: Violence, major character injuries, some not so nice language
Summary: Blair Sandburg is living on the streets of Cascade, a victim of circumstances, when he witnesses a murder. As a result, he’s a target of a major crime family, receiving protection from Detective Jim Ellison of the Cascade Police Department. A shaky, cautious friendship develops.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to briarwood for putting the Big Bang together and I hope now I'll get an opportunity to read the other stories. Thank you also to mella68 for the wonderful artwork.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Link to Artwork
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