cross_stitchery (cross_stitchery) wrote in sentinelbigbang,

Life for Rent

Title: Life for Rent
Author: elaine (cross_stitchery on LJ and born2slash on DW)
Artist: PattRose (pattrose)
Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair)
Word Count: 50,398
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: angst, suicide, attempted suicide, and discussion of suicide

Summary: Following his near death experience in Sentinel Too, Blair struggles to come to terms with how it has affected his life.

Author's Notes: Many thanks to snycock for her feedback and suggestions on the story. This is a story I started a long time ago and the Sentinel Big Bang gave me the impetus to dust it off and complete it, so thank you, briarwood, for all your hard work in organising this. also, thanks to pattrose for her gorgeous illustrations - you went above and beyond on this one!

Artist's Notes: I want to thank Elaine for being so easy to work with. She never complained about anything. What a trooper. :) This is a totally angst ride story, so if you like angst, you're going to love this. It's really good. I know you'll like it. A quick thank you to Morgan for all of her hard work.

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