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The Sentinel Big Bang
Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom
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TS Blair Salt
For Need of a Guide - Bluewolf and unbelievable2

For Need of a Guide

Story by Bluewolf
Art by unbelievable2

Summary: Following the press conference, Blair has disappeared; and without his guide Jim has zoned.

Warnings: None

23rd-Oct-2017 09:30 pm - Reminder for artists
TS Blair Salt
Hi, everyone.

Artists, when you send in your work, could you please remember to use the submission form on the website and not email.

This isn't me being pedantic: the form creates a backup for us on Dropbox so if I have a computer crash or lose internet, I still have what I need to get everything posted. In the worst case scenario, if everything is backed up I could do it using my tablet and public wifi. Or I could give someone else the password to do it for me if I couldn't.

The deadline is this Friday (26 October). If you cannot make the deadline please contact us by Thursday to agree an extension.

Thanks, Morgan
16th-Oct-2017 03:46 pm - Next year
TS Blair Salt
I know that Patt has mentioned this to a few people privately, but it's time to make it official: this year will be our final Sentinel Big Bang, at least for a while. Interest in the challenge seems to be flagging - we have fewer signups and while I'm forever grateful to our stalwart regulars - you know who you are! - I don't think it's worth continuing this as a annual event as interest diminishes.

The Big Bang website and archived stories are not going anywhere: the website will stay online and the stories will stay there unless a writer or artist asks to have their work removed.

I refuse to say we'll never do it again...maybe for the 25th anniversary? But it's time to take a break.

That said, Patt and I don't want to stop entirely. We'll be back next year with a new Sentinel challenge. We want to continue to involve writers and artists - fan creators of all kinds, really - and to appeal to those who write short as well as long stories. So we'll have something everyone can sign up for and hopefully enjoy. If you've already started work on something in anticipation of next year's Big Bang, you should be able to use it in our new challenge.

I'll share more details of our plans after the Big Bang posting.
15th-Oct-2017 07:52 pm - Art deadline approaching
TS Blair Salt
Hi everyone. Just a reminder for our artists that the deadline is 27 October for final submissions. That's 11 days away.

If you can't make the deadline, the usual rule applies: we need to know before the deadline day (meaning by 26 October) so we can agree an extension. Extra time for art is usually no problem if you let us know as soon as you realise you will need more time.

As always, email us (mods at sentinelbigbang dot com) or comment if you have questions or need any help.
17th-Sep-2017 10:50 pm - Rough Draft Deadline looming...
01. big bang-c
I wanted to remind you that rough drafts for the cover art are due on the 22nd of September. They can be very rough. You have to send them in according to this link. It's really simple to do.
http://www.sentinelbigbang.com/tsbb/2017-2/artists/submission-form-artists/ This helps you get through the process very easily. If you have any problems, let me know. OK? So this Friday, it's due. And like I said, this is the rough draft form.

Hugs, Patt
14th-Sep-2017 10:53 am - Hi all.
01. big bang-c
This is for both writers and artists. How is everything going? Drop a note and tell us how you're doing with you projects. Are the artists working with the authors? It's important that you do contact one another. It makes this entire process so much easier. The deadline for rough drafts is Friday, the 22nd of September. If anyone is having troubles, please let us know. If you don't want to contact us here, contact us at mods @ sentinel big bang. com There are no extensions on the rough drafts, so please keep that in mind. Good luck to all.
5th-Sep-2017 06:57 am - Art Claim Assignments.
Jim and Blair
All of the art claim assignments have been emailed out. Please let me know if you didn't get yours. Whether it be writer or artist let me know if nothing came your way. The art rough draft is due on September 22. There are no extensions on rough drafts. :)
4th-Sep-2017 06:00 am - Art Claims
TS Blair Salt
*Drumroll* It's art claim time!

Rule 1: you must be signed up to claim. If you are not signed up as an artist, go here to sign up now!
Rule 2: See rule 1.

Under the cut are the stories available for claiming. There are 9 stories to choose from.

Here are the stories!Collapse )

How to claim a story

We don’t do this on a first-come, first served basis, but we will do our best to give each artist their first choice. Obviously, that won’t always be possible, which is why we ask you to make multiple selections.

You must claim at least three (3) stories. If you are hoping to do art for two stories, you should claim at least four. You may put in a claim for more than that, as long as you list them in order of preference. We only have 9 projects, so claim them all in order if you want.

Comment below with:

Your Name: (Make sure it’s the name you signed up with!)
How many stories do you want assigned to you 1 or 2
Your choices: (In order of preference, project number and title)

For Example:

Your Name: PattRose
How many stories do you want assigned to you? 1
Your choices:
Project #1 For Need of a Guide
Project #8 The Road Less Travelled
Project #3 The Choice

Please go check the signup post and make sure that you included an email address when you signed up and that it’s a valid email address. We will not send assignments in any other way and if your email bounces, we can’t send yours. Typos are so easy - please check!

This post will be open for 24 hours. If we can't assign all of the project after round 1, round 2 will open on Wednesday.
31st-Aug-2017 06:16 pm - Final reminder for writers
TS Blair Salt
Writers, stories are due tomorrow- 1 September. This is the final, not rough, draft.

If you need an extension, you have just a few hours left to ask.

Art claims will open on Monday.
19th-Aug-2017 08:45 am - Writers' deadline reminder
TS Blair Salt
A quick reminder for our Big Bang writers: the deadline for story submissions is 1st September, and that's a little LESS than two weeks away.

The usual rules apply: we are happy to offer extensions but you must be able to submit enough for us to pass something on to your artist and - really, don't forget this part - you must ask for an extension BEFORE the deadline day. One minute to midnight on 31 August is cool. One minute after on 1 September is too late. This rule helps us stay organised behind the scenes and keeps me sane, so there are no exceptions.

To submit your story, head to http://www.sentinelbigbang.com/tsbb/ and click on 2017 > If you are a writer > Submission form

I'm saying it that way instead of giving you a direct link because there are some other pages in the writers section you might want to read first.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent their work - you are all wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.
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