The Sentinel Big Bang

Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

The Sentinel Big Bang Challenge
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The annual 'Big Bang' creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom
Sentinel Big Bang!
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Mission Statement - What's a Big Bang and how does it work?
How to use your Big Bang project for Moonridge
2014 Challenge Schedule
Big Bang Rules
Big Bang FAQ.

Page-A-Mod post for any questions or help requests coming soon.
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2013 Big Bang Schedule

1 March: Signups for writers, artists and cheerleaders

29 March: Last date for writers to request a cheerleader

5 April: Writers’ Checkpoint #1: 2,000 words or 1/5 complete

3 May: Writers’ Checkpoint #2 – 4,000 words or 2/5 complete

7 June: Writers’ Checkpoint #3 – 6,000 words or 3/5 complete

5 July: Writers’ Checkpoint #4 – 8,000 words or 4/5 complete

2 August: Writers’ Checkpoint #5 – ready for a beta?

31 August: Signups close for writers
5 September: Last date for writers to request an extension
6 September: Writers’ final submissions due
15 September: Signups close for artists
15 September: Artist claims begin
19 September (or sooner): Art assignments confirmed

10 October: Art rough drafts due. No extensions are possible for rough drafts
11 October: Artists’ checkpoint (optional)
23 October: Last date for artists to request an extension for final art deadline
24 October: Final copy of artworks due

3 November: Big Bang posting begins (subject to change – it may depend on the number of stories and whether everyone submits on time)

The master list will be posted the day after story and art posting ends